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Welcome to our Sweetery

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As Formigas

About our fabulous "Bem Casados"


Once upon a time,  two halves joined in sweetness got married and lived happily ever after. 

Nope, we are not talking about fairytale princesses although fairytale is a very fitting theme to describe the magic of this secular treat. As a matter of fact “Bem Casados”  are given away as wedding favors to bless the guests with the gift and taste of love.

A “Bem casado” bite is  an unforgettable experience and it starts with the unwrapping  and unveiling of this scrumptious confection. A mini cake that is as light as a cloud filled traditionally with dulce de leche and sealed in the thinest glaze. Each mini cake is wrapped like little individual presents.  Ahhh, love is indeed a gift worth savoring. 

A tradition that started in Royal Feasts hundreds of years ago is now recreated and available right here at home. No short cuts, completely crafted and wrapped by hand.  We bring to your door this delightful sweet with a vintage vibe so you too can feel like Royalty.

Bem casados are given away every time there is a reason to celebrate: at weddings, showers, birthdays, company parties, and the wrapping can be color coordinated with your event.   

We cater to your parties and also sell our “Bem Casados”  by the box so you can enjoy them year round. We ship them everywhere.

The name “As Formigas” is a tribute to the origins of this treat. Our promise to you is to deliver  a product of top quality ingredients and the unforgettable taste of a lifetime.

We cater to your events and parties! Contact us!

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