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The Wonderlanders - 123 Original NFTS launched on OpenSea.

Official NFT Collection by Kiki Hamann

The year is 2022 and artist Kiki Hamann slips into the Rabbit Hole of NFTS Wonderland. Her eyes are wide open as she is mesmerized by the new, the imaginary, the audacious, the creative, the game, the gain, the possibilities. 

Kiki's collection has a different approach. Instead of drawing one single character and have all images computer generated, Kiki takes a theatrical approach to real art and  brings in a entire entourage of characters that will narrate a Wonderland story developing in modern financial times.  Each art piece is completely rendered by hand.

Alice, sweet and naive, lost and yet fascinated by this new universe  as she unfolds all that NFTS represent and bring to the Tea Party Table. The Rabbit, reminding the investor that time is of essence.  Humpty Dumpty getting even at the wall that has made him take a fall. The Hatter playing all the hats and aspects of this new market. The twins symbolizing the youth, the new and the young generation of investors.  The Chess pieces bring their game on.  The Queen of Hearts ruling the scene. The Cheshire Cat representing the unexpected. The King of Hearts, changing all rules. The drink me, eat me are the suggestions and recommendations.  The Bunny Dollar sign representing prosperity and multiplication, and so many more.

Please take a minute to read Kiki's biography and learn more about this renown artist and her art here:

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New Project - Eyenimes

Everything has eyes... if you were just to look into them!

Artist Kiki Hamann lends you her eyes and her creativity as she explores a world of modern day "icons" representative of urban tribes and their likes. People have become so visual in expressing who they are through images. Find your fondness's in this collection and let them tell your story.

Anime inspired characters.   Project expects to launch April 2022.

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