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Breaking House Rules like an Artist

Hi fabulous darling,

here I am toasting under the sun and sharing a little more progress on my endless 100 years old house remodel. A few things I have decided so far:

I will break ALL designing rules like an artist! Rules are so limiting and I want creative freedom and happiness. I definitely believe that being happy far exceeds being right or being perfect.

So with designing rules out of the way, here are new decisions:

I don't tackle one project at a time. I just can't, I get bored, So instead I make little and slow progress everywhere daily. There is sense to my chaos. Just like I do with my paintings.. while undercoat dries, I move to new pieces … it is all a layering process.

I am not a prisoner of a theme. I can use all the colors I want, all the styles I want, and how I want. Also I can always change my mind, so there is no fear of mistakes. It just needs to make sense to US, to the family, to my beloved pets. It is so liberating, because it is real living.

I don't particular search for specific items to add to my home... I just allow the unexpected to come my way. Wonderful opportunities happen when you open your mind to thinking like an artist.

So watch me recreate my home, a Santa Fe old lady, converted into a Santorini Vibe coastal cottage... with Farmhouse interior and a Jungle Backyard. and there might even be hints of a Japanese garden and Scandinavian Gnomes. Uniquely mine.

Please subscribe, if you have not done so yet. Next posting will be about building my Tropical Jungle in a small backyard.

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