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Welcome all Creatives

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hello beautiful you reading my blog! As you probably have figured it out my name is Kiki Hamann and I am a pop surrealist artist in South Florida. Aha! That was a given. However being an artist does not only mean I can sit down and draw pretty things... it means that I have a brain that is wired differently and I create and recreate everything about my world daily.

My husband, poor wonderful patient man he is... puts up with overloads of me designing every aspect of life. Nothing I want is simple! I just like the extras, the more, the over the top. Which brings me to the point, I am not only an overthinker... but a complicator and definitely a maximalist! More is always more.

I currently live in a a wonderful cottage that is 100 years old. What? Did I just say 100 years old? Yes I did and this tiny Old Lady is getting revamped to fit the crazy live of an artist, a chef and several adorable cuddly pets that compose my world. Stay tuned as I will share my world and my art as I live it to the fullest.

Here is my Lady when we first met her.