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Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Hello beautiful you reading my blog! As you probably have figured it out my name is Kiki Hamann and I am a pop surrealist artist in South Florida. Aha! That was a given. However being an artist does not only mean I can sit down and draw pretty things... it means that I have a brain that is wired differently and I create and recreate everything about my world daily.

My husband, poor wonderful patient man he is... puts up with overloads of me designing every aspect of life. Nothing I want is simple! I just like the extras, the more, the over the top. Which brings me to the point, I am not only an overthinker... but a complicator and definitely a maximalist! More is always more.

I currently live in a a wonderful cottage that is 100 years old. What? Did I just say 100 years old? Yes I did and this tiny Old Lady is getting revamped to fit the crazy live of an artist, a chef and several adorable cuddly pets that compose my world. Stay tuned as I will share my world and my art as I live it to the fullest.

Here is my Lady when we first met her.

And here she is today, dressed by Yours and Truly! Santorini vibes to this old Santa Fe. In case you are wondering this White is just not any white, it is Greek White!

Cheers and Hugs


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