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Happiness in Small Doses, a case for coping with strange times of isolation.

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hello darlings,

what have you done to make yourselves happy today?

We are living some very strange times and spending way too much time locked in . Social interaction has been minimum, fear has invaded our lives... Covid times have taken away so much joy from our routines and fear has completely highjacked our minds. How to cope?

As an artist I am used to spending many hours alone at the studio. Many hours with nothing but my own thoughts. An artist naturally "quarantines" to create and what keeps us sane and going is our exposure to beauty, to colors and mostly doing a pleasant activity, something we love. So please, "book time" for happiness the same way you would book an appointment. You cannot live just to fulfill your responsible role. We must arrange time for the little pleasures. Whether this is preparing yourself a specialty coffee, taking a private dance lesson, eating that cake... You have no excuses. Make time for pleasure today... and tomorrow and the days after.

Happiness in small doses? What could I do as an artist to add to this equation? The answer was simple and right in front of my eyes. I had to break one of my own rules, and place my art into smaller collectible products that would allow everyone to start curating a little art gallery of beauties. Small doses of happiness. Yes, me the artist, you the curator.

I chose smaller products that could be arranged next to each other to compose the real feel of an art gallery. No not big merchandise. Small doses of happiness. Products that would show case REAL ART!

Voila, I present you Kiki Hamann's first ART pin buttons, ART stickers and ART Magnets. So you can start your art gallery on a jeans jacket, hat, cover of a book, the back of your laptop, on the fridge door. Anywhere is now a place for your art curating. I am excited with the possibilities and as usual all my items are produced in small batches, limited editions.

Dogs, Cats, Fairies and mermaids and unicorns and dragons, let the imagination take you along with me into a journey of happiness.

Make time for smiles. Plant smiles wherever you go. What have you done to make yourself happy today?

Love always,


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