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It is a Jungle out there! The Intuitive Gardener.

Good Morning darlings and fellow Gardening enthusiasts,

Enthusiast, that I am! However this Kiki here does NOT have a green thumb... and yet plans for major landscaping on a very small back yard. Ambitious she is. But she can only hope the Garden Fairies will bless her ideas as well as her mistakes.

So I am living in South Florida -warm year round, very rainy, very humid, very hurricainy and very Iguany as well as Morquity. So gardening is to say the least, a bit challenging for this novice. When I first moved here, I had planned on a traditional garden, flowers, bushes and a vegetable patch for my husband who is a chef and big league foodie. The idea of an English garden appealed to me. Visions of wild flowers around the cottage and growing my own vegetables and fruits was enchanting. It turned out the Iguanas get up earlier than we do and feasted on my plans. So a few hundred dollars down and very frustrated I had to rethink my landscaping plans as I really want a lovely garden and outside entertaining area, where we spend most of our days.

I brought in God as my personal landscaper and decided to go with a garden that would take care of itself and require very little of my gardening skills. That is how the idea of my Back Yard jungle came about.

I have neighbors on both sides. On the right we have a wooden fence, on the left a hideous wire fence. Both are not ours. There is an urgent need for privacy (the dogs said that). I also wanted our backyard to look warm, natural and inviting and this private jungle idea was born.

The right side of the backyard is where I chose to begin my landscaping. It is humid and shady and because of that I decided to bring in a collection of Ferns, orchids and my lovely money tree (I will need her financial blessings to build paradise). On a side note, I am very superstitious and keeping my money tree happy was a serious concern and look at her in pure bliss! :)

As I learn about plant placement I have opted for planters and pots. This way I can move them around as I find just the perfect spot for my green kids.

I can't take credit for everything. I inherited two mango trees, Suriname cherry bushes and a very pretty avocado tree. Plenty to feed the iguanas, the squirrels and still have some left for us.

And this is how the Intuitive Gardener was born.

A pretty great starter right? Watch me go as the Amazon got nothing on me!

I just realized this posting has gotten too long, so, so long darlings.

I will come back to share my orchids, newest garden ideas, other areas of my garden and perhaps even my nosy neighbors (the dogs suggested that).

Happy Happy cheers


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