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What’s Coming up Next

It is that time of the year. Santa’s pop up workshop is installed.

My house will get hectic and a tad negleted as I work around the clock creating beautiful items to add to my shop. Each product is a whole immense project that involves painting, digital editing, product editing, website creating…. But let me not bother you with the tedious stuff. The most important thing is that me an my elves will be creating MANY new mugs, tshirts, hoodies…. Pillows and smaller items as well. Cats are getting done. And all the breeds you are all asking me for, they are indeed coming. These are on my website under the button “products”. Post what items you would like to see in the shop and also remember these are print to order, so if you want them for Christmas don’t wait. Do order them early.

How are you liking my new products so far?

I had lots of decisions to make while chosing them. Elegant products that will represent me and my art. Elegant colors.

Not boardwalk merchandise. Boutique, hand picked items, classy, timeless and thoughtful gifts.

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