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Where has Design Elegance gone?

Updated: Apr 13

I have noticed the Meme trend came strong these past years and is here to stay.

It has merged with product design to the point that all products have now a funny saying. Don’t get me wrong, I do love smart humor with hints of sarcasm. However, I prefer seeing these memes on my social media pages and not on my fashion, my linens, my drinkware. I am actually missing the elegance of fine china, antique techniques and design focused on beauty.

With this thought I sat down to create watercolor art that would deliver to my products a timeless classy look. A pleasure to the eyes, a statement with no need for words. Art that speaks for itself. I called this collection ”The Chinadolls”. slowly I will be adding it to several products, and, it begins with coffee - just because PrettyCoffee tastes so much better.

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