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Why I Create Frog Art: A Journey of Faith, Inspiration, and Timeless Elegance Fully Relying on God (F.R.O.G.)

As an artist, my canvas becomes a sacred space—a place where colors blend, dreams take shape, and whispers of the divine echo through each brushstroke. My journey with frog art is more than a mere hobby; it’s a testament to fully relying on God. The acronym F.R.O.G. resonates deeply within me, reminding me that my creativity flows from a Source beyond myself.

Victorian Times and Nostalgic Animal Art

Step into the past—the elegant corridors of Victorian times. Lace-trimmed dresses swish, gas lamps flicker, and horse-drawn carriages glide through cobbled streets. It’s a world of enchantment, where manners are as refined as porcelain teacups. And in this tapestry of history, I find solace.

Victorian animal art captures the essence of that era. Delicate brushstrokes immortalize creatures—each one a character in a whimsical tale. But it’s the frogs that truly steal my heart. Their tiny top hats, their poised legs, and their eyes that hold secrets—they beckon me to explore their world.

Beautiful elegant Frog art on a Kiki Hamann Mug
The Storybook Frog Mamas mug

The Wonder of Victorian Frogs

Picture a Victorian pond—a moonlit ballroom where frogs waltz on lily pads. Their skin glistens with dew, reflecting the moon’s glow. These amphibians are more than subjects; they’re storytellers. They embody transformation—from tadpole to land-dweller, just as we navigate life’s twists. Their resilience inspires me—the way they leap from water to land, bridging realms. Why frogs?

Because they carry ancient wisdom. In their delicate forms, I glimpse the promise of adaptation, of thriving despite adversity. They remind me that life’s metamorphoses are both challenging and beautiful.

There are two available Frog Mamas Mug in this series!
More Frog Mamas!

Kaeru: The Bringers of Prosperity

The Japanese people understood the magic of frogs long before I did. To them, frogs—“Kaeru”—were symbols of prosperity. Their croaks echoed abundance, promising bountiful harvests near rice paddies. As I paint, I imagine these little green messengers whispering blessings into my art. They urge me to leap beyond my limitations, just as they leap across water lilies.

Introducing My StoryBook Mamas Frog Mugs

And now, dear reader, let me share a delightful secret. Within my StoryBook Mamas collection, I’ve crafted a set of two Frog Mugs—a fusion of timeless elegance and whimsy. Imagine sipping your morning coffee or afternoon tea from these exquisite vessels. The frogs, delicately painted, seem to peer out from their porcelain abode, inviting you into their world.

These mugs aren’t merely ceramics; they’re vessels of inspiration. As you cradle them in your hands, may you feel the magic—the leap from ordinary to extraordinary. And what better occasion to gift them than Mother’s Day? For every mother embodies resilience, transformation, and the ability to fully rely on love.

So, my fellow art lover, raise your Frog Mug high. Take a sip, and let the warmth of faith and creativity infuse your soul. May these mugs remind you that prosperity lies not only in material abundance but also in the beauty of shared moments.

With gratitude,

Your fellow artist Kiki Hamann

P.S. If you’d like to explore more Victorian frog art, visit local galleries or search online for hidden gems. Who knows what enchanting frogs await your discovery? 🐸💕

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